Tuesday, July 05, 2005

The Riot on Prince Street-Edinburgh, Scotland

Live from Edinburgh...The Riot on Prince Street

So right now it's about 3 am Cali time and although I'm a world away in Edinburgh, Scotland, one would not know it from what took place as I got off the plane and made my way to the hotel which is located on Prince Street which is a major street here in town. It would be the equivalent to Telegraph Ave in Berkeley in the sense that its not too far from a University and it has lots of stores and shops...

Anyway as myself and a contigent of folks from the One Campaign in in the US and Let's Make Poverty History campaign in the UK made ourway to our hotels, we were greeted by a large contigent of Edinburgh's finest all dressed in riot gear, wearing black star-wars type gloves, carrying plastic shields and bully clubs but surprisingly polite and friendly. Its was probably due to the fact that they could tell we were from the US and most of us are media so they put on a happy face and directed us to the hotel.. Actually-they opened up the riot line and let us pass through..

Some of the cops had bright green vests, others were dressed in all black. There were hundreds of them and they had shut down Prince Street. The issue at hand was the hundreds of protestors who had already shown up-angry at the G8 Summit leaders who are set to arrive here on Wednesday-July 6th.

What was interesting to note was that seeing the protestors face off with the police was not too different then what we often see at protests in Cali. In fact if I closed my eyes or show you the pictures which I hope to upload, you would be hard pressed to tell what city you were in... The protestors were mostly white and the typical tie-die dressed folks we see at many the Berkely protests.

To be continued... Cause we have a press conference to attend to...